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Virtual Advisor

Real Estate Advisor


30,000 (75% Savings on Brokerage)

0-2% of Sale Price*

Payment Timing
Pre-Paid N/A
Money Back Guarantee*
Yes N/A
Property Owner Phone Numbers*
20 N/A
Call Owner Prior to Ensure Availability*
Yes N/A
Arranging Inspections of Properties
10 Unlimited
Days of Plan
60 N/A
In-Person Property Inspections
No Yes
Searching Properties per Requirement
Yes Yes
Offering Properties per Requirement
Yes Yes
Consultation & Advisory Services
Yes Yes
Negotiation Services Virtual
Yes Yes
Negotiation In-Person Meeting Services
No Yes
Legal Paperwork Review & Assistance
Yes Yes
Registration Assistance Virtual
Yes Yes
Registration Assistance In-Person
No Yes
Amazon Gift Card*
Yes No

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